A Manicure at Simply Radiant

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails that consists of filing and reshaping the edge of the nails, pushing and clipping of the cuticles (nonliving tissue) to clean up around the nail beds. Followed by various liquids, and exfoliating scrubs to soften the skin, a relaxing massage of the hands and finishing with the application of shellac nail polish of your choice.

Our Pricing for a 60min Manicure at Simply Radiant

Manicure (Shellac Only) – $65 | 60min


Manicure Simply RadiantA Pedicure at Simply Radiant

A pedicure is a Cosmetic beauty treatment for the feet and toenails. A pedicure at Simply Radiant includes soaking your feet in warm soapy bath to soften the skin and the nail beds, followed by a half leg and foot exfoliation to remove all the dry, dehydrated skin off of the surface. The dead skin on the bottom of the feet will also be buffed away, leaving a soft surface. Finishing with a relaxing leg and foot massage and the application of shellac nail polish of your choice.

Our Pricing for a 60min Pedicure at Simply Radiant

Pedicure (Shellac Only) – $80 | 60min

Pedicure Simply RadiantWhat type of polish do we offer?

Simply Radiant offers only one type of nail polish called Shellac Polish. We offer a brand called Color Me Pretty, which delivers some amazing colors and affects to there polishes. Our clients love the colors that we have to offer, from natural browns and pinks, purples to blues, oranges to reds and of course, sparkle to glam finishes.

Nail colours Simply Radiant

What are the benefits to Shellac Polish?

We have chosen Shellac Polish for all our clients because the product is designed to…

  1. Shellac i meant to last for weeks or possibly until your next application.
  2. Shellac polish will dry instantly before you leave the clinic, so you wont have to worry about ruining or smudging the colour.
  3. Shellac polishes are much stronger than regular polishes, meaning that your nails won’t chip as easily.
  4. Shellac polishes leave a clean and natural finish.
  5. Perfect for all year round.