What is a spray tan?

Spray Tanning is a form of self tanning (or sunless tanning) where a fine mist of solution is sprayed directly to clean, naked skin. (DHA) Dihydroxyacetone is an ingredient in our tanning solution that interacts with your own skin, turning the solution on the skin to change its colour. Everyone loves a great summer glow no matter the time of the year. Luckily, Simply Radiant can achieve your desired colour with the help of Moroccan Spray Tan.

How much does a Spray Tan cost at Simply Radiant?

Simply Radiant charges $50 per full body spray tan. If you are someone who constantly loves to be tanned, Simply Radiant provides loyalty cards that offers generous discounts.

Our extensive range of formulations ensures there is the perfect formulation to meet all your skin needs. Simply Radiant offers Moroccan Tan solutions which are designed to treat the skin with intense hydration and nourishing skin properties to ensure the skin is healthy and replenished to achieve the perfect tan. No one wants their spray tan to look patchy nor orange, this why we offers Moroccan Tan to our clients, which provides 2 types of undertones (Green and Purple). Our green base solution is designed for people with a rosy/pink undertone to their skin. Whereas our purple base solution is suitable for people with a yellow undertone to their skin.

How long will my spray tan last?

Our spray tan can last up to 10 days. Although the average spray tan is advertised to last up to 10 days, its really depends of how dark you’re trying to go. Your tan can defiantly be prolonged if you are using a tan extender and are looking after your spray tan correctly, by moisturizing the skin daily.

What do I have to do before my spray tan?

  1. Make sure you have freshly shaved or waxed before your appointment.
  2. Exfoliate the entire body the day before your appointment.
  3. Remove all moisturizers, makeup and deodorant before your spray tan appointment.
  4. If your skin is dry around the elbows and knees, apply a little bit of water based moisturizer around the area to avoid a patchy application.
  5. Wear thongs for shoes and very loose, black clothing to your appointment to avoid streaking the tan and staining your clothes.

What do I have to do after my spray tan?

  1. Allow your spray tan to develop for its required time. You therapist will let you know how long to leave the tanning solution on before it can be washed off.
  2. Do not touch your body while your spray tan is still drying.
  3. Avoid any physical activities that could cause your body to sweat.
  4. After the development time has passed, have a quick shower using warm water ONLY.
  5. DO NOT USE soaps, body wash or shampoo’s to remove tan.
  6. Pat your skin dry with a towel.
  7. Avoid applying moisturizers, perfumes, makeup and deodorants for 12 – 24 hours after development time.
  8. Moisturize daily after the development time to prolong the life of your tan.