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What is pigmentation?

The term ‘pigmentation’ refers to the skin’s natural colour, irrespective of any sun exposure. In our skin we have pigments called melanins that are produced by melanocyte cells to provide natural protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.

What is Hyper-pigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is the overproduction of melanin resulting in darkening of the skin. Often this excessive melanin production forms clusters in localized areas resulting in patchy skin tones or dark spots.

What causes hyperpigmentation & age spots?

UV damage

The sun is the most common cause of excessive pigmentation production, as ultraviolet rays stimulate the production of free radicals* that in turn, stimulate the production of melanin. The excess melanin forms clusters, which result in uneven patches, forming freckles, liver or age spots, or general blotchiness on the surface of the skin. This type of hyperpigmentation is usually located in areas of the skin most often exposed to the sun, such as the hands, face, arms, shoulders and forehead.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes in pregnancy and menopause can also cause hyperpigmentation, as the hormones can stimulate melanocytes to produce more melanin. This is known as melasma and manifests with patches of hyperpigmentation on the face including the forehead, cheeks, upper lip and chin. There is often a family history of melasma and it usually first occurs during pregnancy.

*Free radicals are simple molecules with an electron missing. To try to become ‘whole’ again, they steal an electron from other molecules within the body and in so doing, cause small changes to our physiology each time.

How is hyperpigmentation from UV damaged formed?

  1. Ultra violet rays initiate the formation of free radicals.
  2. UV light, together with free radicals, triggers biological agents that act on the pigment-producing cells, called melanocytes.
  3. Biological agents act to increase production of the pigment-producing enzyme called Tyrosinase.
  4. Tyrosinase processes the amino acid Tyrosine to form melanin pigments, which can have either a red or brown hue.
  5. Melanin is transferred as granules from melanocytes into surrounding keratinocytes to give the skin its colour.
  6. Melanin is lost from the skin as cells migrate to the surface layers and are shed through the skins natural exfoliation process.

How to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and age spots?

A great place to start is to book in for a professional skin consultation with one of our trained skin technician, who can create a customized skincare program of homecare and professional treatments to look after your skin. In-clinic treatments such as peels and laser can help to target the appearance of discolouration and pigmentation.

Targeting Pigmentation with Skincare at simply radiant in Essendon

The Ultra Brightening System features an advanced complex of skin brightening ingredients to visibly improve the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, to enhance skin radiance. Drawing on the latest scientific research, the Ultra Brightening System uses a blend of ingredients to target surface pigmentation in three different ways: Bio-exfoliators, Chemical exfoliators, Skin brighteners. Speak to a therapist today about your Ultraceuticals Brightening Range, Ph: 9337-3931

Targeting Pigmentation in clinic treatments at Simply Radiant in Essendon

Simply Radiant has multiple different treatments that targets core concerns such us pigmentation and age spots. To target pigmentation we offer, chemical peels  or laser treatments.

Chemical Peels to reduce pigmentation

Radiance Renew – 50min – $165

Do you wish to target more than one major skin concern at once? How about combining our Mandalic Acid Peel which works quickly to decongest, clarify, control oil and texture of the skin, and a powerful blend of brightening agents such as Oxyresveratrol and Melissa Officinalis Extract which has shown to visibly diminish the appearance of pigmentation in the skin by breaking down the melanin within the melanocytes. Finished with a relaxing lymphatic massage and finishing products. During the treatment itself, you may feel a slight tingling, but no pain. This type of peel has minimal physical peeling, but this doesn’t mean its not working if it doesn’t.

Recommended enhancement – 20min LED | $40 – Assists in skin tone correction, effectively breaking down pigmentation as well as promoting new collagen induction for a healthy, glowing complexion.

Rejuvenating A-zyme – 40min – $159

The powerhouse of all anti-ageing facials utilizes Vitamin A (Retinol), one of the most effective anti-ageing ingredients, that supports the production of new skin cells, combined with Bromelain that is found in a pineapples stem that gently exfoliates the skin. This fast acting, non-invasive skin rejuvenating treatment has been carefully formulated to show the affects of ageing , UV damage, as well as improve the appearance of fine lines, skin tone and texture. Finished with a relaxing lymphatic massage and finishing products. During the treatment itself, you may feel a slight tingling, but no pain. This type of peel can have physical peeling for days, but this doesn’t mean its not working if it doesn’t. This facial is recommended for all skin types.

Recommended enhancement – Accelerating Pigment Peel | $49 –  Assists in visibly diminish the appearance of pigmentation in the skin by breaking down the melanin within the melanocytes.

Laser treatments to reduce pigmentation

Pigment Blast Off – $169  |  45min

Our laser pigment removal treatment works rapidly at completely removing the visible pigment lesions. The laser targets only the pigmentation which absorbs the light, without damaging the surrounding skin. The laser heats up and shatters the pigment, effectively resulting in changing the colour and drying out the treated area. Eventually flaking off the pigment from the skin once it has healed, this process can take a few days. Leaving the treated area with an even complexion. This facial also includes, cleansing of the skin, laser toning which involves a thorough bypass over the entire facial area, breaking down any build of dead skin cells and finishing with a lymphatic massage, encouraging blood circulation to speed up the healing process using our hydrating lotions that restores the skin moisture.

Laser Toning – $139  |  45min

Laser toning is a unique gentle treatment that uses the lasers energy to reduce visible pigmentation by breaking down melanin molecules naturally, allowing your immune system to remove them. At the same time it stimulates collagen regeneration whilst refining the skins texture and tone with minimal risk of adverse effects and virtually no downtime.
Over a course of treatments, unwanted pigment is suppressed and lightened – creating an even and brighter skin tone. It cleanses pores, reduces pore size, improves fine lines, marks left by acne, and reduces redness, leaving the skin vibrantly rejuvenated.
Recommended enhancement – Customized chemical peel | $49 – that targets your skin concerns to achieve optimal results and compliment the laser toning exfoliation.